A bit about where jerky comes from

who we are

 About 25 years ago, my Uncle Ron and Aunt Janie knew they had a great product... Superior jerky quality with no preservatives added, vacuum sealed packaging, top round slices, a variety of flavors and meats, and excellent customer service. It started as roadside sales that expanded to a 100 square foot store. Today, there are about 28 stores nationwide both East and West of the Mississippi and we are still growing. House of Jerky does not franchise their stores; rather they offer ownership opportunities and use of the company name in conjunction with sales of their product. The selection of products have expanded from only offering three flavors of beef to multiple flavors for 18 different gourmet jerky meats.

Family history of House of Jerky

  House of Jerky has been heralded for being the best jerky anyone has had in their lifetime compared to other beef jerky brands. Our jerky offers the best blends of spices and seasonings, compared to larger companies that process their meats and add preservatives to create flavor. The majority of our jerky is free of Preservatives, MSG, Nitrates, Artificial Colors, and Flavor Enhancers. All of the meat is USDA, Grade A meat that is inspected daily to ensure the highest quality that can be tasted and enjoyed by you. The House of Jerky product is naturally delicious and since it is high in Protein, it’s great for a snack that’s guaranteed to be satisfying!

  House of Jerky’s flavors consist of: Natural, Black Pepper, Teriyaki, Sweet and Spicy, Hot, Ghost Pepper, Maple, and more. There are also two Gluten Free flavors: Sweet and Spicy Beef and Black Pepper Beef. The different types of meat used includes: Ahi, Alligator, Bacon, Beef, Biltong, Brisket, Buffalo, Elk, Kangaroo, Pineapple, Pork, Python, Salmon, Shark, Trout, Turkey, Swordfish, Venison, Wild Boar, and Whiskey Rabbit.    

  Jerky has been the fastest growing segment of the snack food market in North America for the past several years. The word “jerky” comes from the South American tribal word "charqui" (meaning dried or dehydrated meat). Jerky is a food preservation method that originated as early as the 1500's. Spanish explorers found jerky when they were in South America and shared their discovery with the entire world. When Jerky made it's way to the states, it became popular in the Old West with traders and explorers using it as an essential food item. 

  Today, jerky is a popular and nutritious snack. House of Jerky’s products are low in calories, fat and cholesterol, and high in protein and great flavor!

A bit about our jerky

The owner's of Charleston House of Jerky, Keith and Debbie, are both originally from Southern California and moved to Charleston, SC in 2011 after Keith joined the Navy. After living here for a few years, they fell in love with the city and all it has to offer. Since Keith has Honorably Discharged from the Navy as of late 2014,  they have decided to make Charleston their home and introduce the Holy City to the "World's Best Jerky"! Come on in and try the best Beef Jerky in Charleston along with a wide variety of other meats!